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Cheeky Cherub is a one-stop shop to buy and sell pre-loved luxury items for children. From prams to playsuits, the online platform has it all. Our mission is to make the childrenswear space circular and mums' lives as easy as possible, with a highly curated product selection and efficient concierge service.

about us

The Founders

Erika Abd-Allah and Lucy James founded the business in 2020 to revolutionise the waste of the kidswear industry, while making the process efficient for parents.

As mothers, Erika & Lucy know just how quickly their children outgrow everything from clothes to cribs. But as full-time corporate employees they never had time to photograph pre-loved pieces, let alone manage their resale. The pair met 8 years ago, discovering a shared entrepreneurial spirit. Together, they recognised a gap in the market. They combined forces to create a one-stop shop for time-poor mothers who take sustainability seriously and appreciate quality.

Lucy started her career at Allen & Overy as a corporate lawyer. Her passion for retail led her to join the in-house legal team at Westfield working with brands from Burberry to Disney. She is a mother of two boys, both under 2 years old. Erika graduated from Oxford, leading to a long-established career in advertising and marketing, working with global FMCG and luxury brands from P&G to Belstaff. Her passion for brand building dovetails with Lucy's business expertise. They are united by a love of sustainable shopping and sport (from bootcamps to karate). Not forgetting the coffee that has fuelled every brainstorm over the years and is now top of their planet-friendly everyday switches: Erika is never without her reusable coffee cup and Lucy hasn't looked back since switching to reusable coffee pods in her espresso machine at home.

We understand what busy looks and feels like. Our ambition for Cheeky Cherub is to create a curated, one-stop shop for mums who are keen to play a role in the circular economy, but who don't want to compromise on style or quality.

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Whether you would like to buy or sell, we hope to welcome you to our community. Cheeky Cherub is founded on the concept of sharing - from a much-loved pram to a must-visit cafe. Share advice and share childrens wear!

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