Selling with us is quick and easy!

We take care of everything and send you 56% of the final price once your item has sold.
  • 1. Submit

    Create a seller account and use the quick and easy submission forms to upload your item descriptions. Our team will review the items within 24 hours and propose a retail price.

  • 2. Send

    If you’re happy with the proposed listing price, we can either organise a courier to come and pick up your items (for a fee) or you can send it directly to us.

  • 3. Sell

    Our team will take care of everything for you. The descriptions, photography, listing etc. Once the item has been purchased, we’ll send you 56% of the final sold price after 3 weeks.

Selling with us is easy

  • Create an account

  • Enter your bank details (so that we can send you payments)

  • Submit the items you wish to sell

  • We take care of everything: photography, descriptions etc!

  • Receive 56% of the sale price once your item has sold.

  • Alternatively you can choose to drop everything to us in store and receive 50% of the sale price

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